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Friday Five | Hello Fall!

September 22, 2017

The weekend! So glad you’re here. My plan consists of Thai take-out tonight, a cocktail tasting tomorrow and a massage Sunday morning. I’ve been holding onto a couple gift certificates, and I’m very ready to cash in on some relaxation. Enjoy these reads!

This helped me figure out what to wear to my first fall wedding next weekend in Wyoming.

What do your alarm habits say about you?

I’m on a Friends binge, so I was intrigued to read the one haircut ‘Rachel’ would never repeat.

Gossip Girl was a huge part of my high school self, so I enjoyed reminiscing as the show celebrates 10 years.

A salty twist on the classic crudité.


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Friday Five | Helping Hands

September 15, 2017

Hi! Long time no talk. As of just this week, there is somewhat of a sense of normalcy in the city LZ and I call home. It’s been a whirlwind to say the least, so I thought some regular Friday Five programming could be a nice distraction to all the readers who have been reeling from the recent devastations.

Have a great weekend.

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We love our Cuteheads!

September 13, 2017


#weloveourcuteheads because the dresses are the prettiest, twirliest ones in town! If you follow Esther, founder of Cuteheads, you may have seen that her house flooded due to Hurricane Harvey. This devastating incident didn’t stop her from immediately stepping up to gather essential items to donate to those in need. She’s amazing. We want to show Esther how much we love her + have put together a giveaway for multiple $75 @cuteheadskids gift cards for families who were impacted by the flooding. Enter for yourself or a friend at the link in my profile [just add email to enter!]. The giveaway ends at midnight on Thursday, September 14. Thank you for supporting my dear friend + one of my favorite companies. Please share your favorite @cuteheadskids photos on Instagram using the caption #weloveourcuteheads to spread the word about the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Help #Harvey families in need | The Torres Family

September 13, 2017

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Hi guys! I can’t tell you how happy it makes my heart to continue to hear from readers, asking how they can help. So many have sent in financial donations and others have contacted me directly to ship Amazon boxes of supplies to my house, which I’ve dispersed to my community. Seeing the human spirt come alive to help others in dire need, most complete strangers, continues to amaze me.

I hope it’s ok that I continue to share stories of families who are still trying to put their lives back together from the aftermath of Harvey. There are so many who have lost so much and if I can share even a few stories, it’s worth using this website platform to do so.

This post hits close to home because today we want to share a story of a family that I personally know. Sweet Isaac is a student in Charlie’s class at school and his mom is one of our school’s teaching assistants. Isaac’s home was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. His parents didn’t have flood insurance and the damage cause by the hurricane was extensive. Their need for repairs is urgent, as Bri currently cares for her 80 year old mother and father, who also live with them.

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I’ve been back and forth from Isaac’s home on the south side of Houston over the past week and it’s been incredible seeing so many teachers from school helping move furniture out of the home, parents of his classmates demo’ing (not sure if this is a word, but it’s certainly in the daily vocab of Houstonians lately) walls and an army of University of Houston students pulling up floor boards to dry out what was left of the home.

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I can’t think of a family who is so deserving and so in need of our help right now. If you’d like to donate to help Isacc’s family rebuild and get back on their feet again, here is their fundraising page. They are halfway to their fundraising goal, an amount that is needed to do the bare minimum repairs so that they can move back into their home again. If you’d like to contribute in other ways, please email me directly!

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Help #Harvey families in need | The Brown family + an unsung hero

September 9, 2017


Today, we want to share the story of the Brown family with y’all. Two years ago Matt proudly purchased his first home in the charming, family friendly Walnut Bend neighborhood of west Houston. He married sweet Katie a year later and then just a few months ago they announced they’d be adding a baby girl to their family! Matt and Katie were busy making plans for the baby and  nursery, including lots of DIY home improvements, and then Harvey happened.

Their post Harvey experiences are hard for me to write because I’ve seen first hand what this beautiful couple has been through. It brings me to tears just looking at photos from the past few weeks.

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When news of the reservoir releases came about, Matt and his wife decided better safe than sorry and evacuated from their home. Then their worst nightmare became a reality when they learned that the water was quickly enveloping their home and car. When the flooding began, Matt was safe with his wife, but decided to head back to his street to help rescue his neighbors from their home. The only chance to safely evacuate others stuck inside their flooded home was by boat because the water was so high, and currents fast. Matt, a former Eagle Scout, came up with the rescue plan to write “GONE” on the homes that had been evacuated and tirelessly worked to help his entire street evacuate well into the midnight hours. Matt is an unsung Harvey hero.

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The homes in Matt’s neighborhood had never flooded before and were now inundated with floodwaters for the next few days (and some even weeks). Most of Matt’s neighbors, including Matt, do not have flood insurance. In spite of this huge stroke of very bad luck in the form of a 100-year flood, Matt continues to be upbeat and positive about his situation. Matt’s determination to salvage what he can from his first home has been awesome to watch. He’s worked day in and day out with no hired helpers, cleanup crews, and contractors. There’s no budget for that so he’s doing it all himself, with the help of his friends and family, who have started a fundraising website for Matt, Katie and baby girl Brown.

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If you want to help the Brown’s rebuild after Harvey (hopefully in time for the arrival of his baby girl), please visit their fundraising site here.



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Hurricane Harvey | A city comes together + ways you can give back

September 2, 2017


It’s been pretty overwhelming seeing my city face this disaster that is Hurricane Harvey. Homes are still under water as I write this, but I know in my gut this city will rise up and come out of this even better than pre-Harvey days. I’ve never been prouder to be a Houstonian. Our community has come together to help one another during the aftermath of Harvey in such a big way. My inbox is flooded with group emails and texts-requests for help and then responses just minutes later–“on it, will be there with x or y.”  Neighbors helping neighbors, people getting emails about families they’ve never met before and pooling resources to find a place for them to stay, clothes, toys and shoes for their kids.

Restaurants and food bloggers doing what they do best, cooking for first responders and families who have been displaced. Fashion bloggers doing what they do best, finding clothing, shoes and provisions for the 1,000’s in shelters. I was heartbroken to see a friend at church and learn that her family lost everything. But in spite of her sadness they continued to volunteer to help others going through the same experience as they are.

Police officers and newscasters who have also lost homes have been out there working 20 hours a day to help the relief efforts. And last but certainly not least, the Texan dudes and their bass boats! The only way we could help our friends get their clothes cherished photos, a wedding dress, and keepsake items yesterday was by boat, the water still flooded waist deep. And you wouldn’t believe how many guys, the majority who didn’t even live in a flooded area, were out on boats just trying to help people get back to their homes to asses the damage and grab what they could. It was pretty amazing to see. It’s courageous, it’s emotional and it’s beautiful to see the human spirit rise to such a surmountable challenge that faces our great city.

Houston will need so much more help over the years ahead. My ask from y’all today is to donate to help our city rebuild. If you feel compelled to help, here are 4 places I’ll donate to because I believe in their mission to serve our community.

Houston Flood Relief Fund This fund started by Houston Texan J.J. Watt. If theres one Texan who’s got our backs, it’s this guy.

American Red Cross The Red Cross has turned out in a big way for our city and is a well oiled machine during times of great need. Please continue to support their effort to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Houston Food Bank The Houston Food Bank provides hot meals to the thousands of people displaced and in shelters.

The Diaper Foundation Diapers have been one of the most requested items for the 1,000’s in shelters right now.

As far as what to expect from L. Avenue in the coming weeks, we plan to bring back some normally scheduled blog content starting next week but want y’all to know that we’ll be donating 100% of business profits to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts from not through the end of the year. We’ll also continue to post about ways you can help out!  Thank y’all so much for the outpouring of support you’ve already shown. 




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Help a #Harvey family in need | The Cobb family

August 31, 2017


Hurricane Harvey has delivered significant loss and devastation to the Cobb Family. On Sunday morning their entire first floor was submerged in several feet of water, and both vehicles were destroyed. The water remains as of Tuesday evening. Thankfully they were safely evacuated with their two children and their black lab Cali.

In just 1 day 90 people have helped raise nearly 100% of the fundraising goal for this family. As you can imagine, they will need far more than this to rebuild their life and home, so we’re hoping to raise even more than anybody ever thought possible. The power is in numbers and there are so many generous people across the country pulling for Houston families like the Cobbs!

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Help a #Harvey family in need | the Magee Family

August 30, 2017


Hey y’all! Please keep sending me any information on families in need so that I can use this platform to try to raise money, provisions, etc. for victims of this horrific flooding catastrophe in Houston. Today we’re asking for help for the Magee family. Susan is a preschool teacher, she’s actually taught some of my family and friends and I hear she’s truly amazing. Susan and her husband Phil have two beautiful daughters, Grace Ann and Emma Rae. Their home flooded quickly and they have lost most of their belongings and both of their vehicles.

I want to share a Facebook post from Susan. Can you imagine? Their home is now almost entirely under water, but the family is safe, thank God


Please help them recover and rebuild. Their fundraising goal is $50K, let’s do this y’all! You can donate here.

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Hurricane Harvey | help families in need #houstonstrong

August 30, 2017


This scene above is what 30,000+ Houstonians are facing today, with more flooding happening as I write this post. Here is another family who needs our help. Keliy writes,

“Friends and family,

I am Keliy Anderson-Staley, a photographer who has lived in Houston for four years, and I am raising funds for myself, husband and children. These funds will support our immediate needs in the aftermath of the flooding from Hurricane Harvey–clothing, lodging–and some of our longer term needs, especially to replace camera and studio equipment essential to my livelihood. We are asking for this support for use as soon as possible. This money will go directly to us and our needs.”

You can read more about what Keliy’s faced during this horrific flooding event here. I’m so blown away by the responses to stories just like Keliy’s– people from all over the country donating to help Houstonians and they’re making a major impact.

I will continue sharing personal stories like these on L. Avenue so if you know of anyone in need please email me @