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not so basic LBD

September 5, 2017


Hey guys. We’re starting to return to work today, but our #1 priority remains– helping Houstonians in light of the recent devastation from Hurricane Harvey. So what does that look like for L. Avenue? You’ll continue to see Harvey coverage on our website including ways you can donate and shop for a cause, in addition to our more routine scheduled content.

Additionally, this month we’ll be donating 100% of our business profits directly to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. What does this mean? This might be a good time to briefly explain how our business works. L. Avenue is a small business that is made possible through two income streams–1. contracts with brands: this is when we collaborate with brands who pay an agreed upon flat fee to work with us and 2. commission: when you visit our website and purchase something we post via our links we receive a commission for that purchase from the retailer. For example, today’s black sandals that you see linked below. If you like them and click our link and purchase-we get a small commission. You aren’t charged anything additional though! It’s basically like I’m getting sales commission if you’re shopping at the L. Avenue online boutique instead of a physical sales person at your local boutique. Make sense? Sorry for the rant, but readers have asked this question in the past so it seems now is as good a time as any to explain it to y’all! So this month, we’ll be donating our profits back to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Now let’s dive into this pretty LBD, shall we? I found this gem at Nordstrom and love it’s a classic silhouette with a fringe twist. This dress will be on repeat and really works for any season. It would be great for any special event on your future–wedding, holidays, or even dressed down for something more causal.

Here are some more black dresses we’re loving for fall!


Outfit details | Stella McCartney dress | Vince Camuto heels also these | Chanel bag (old) similar here, here and here | Dior sunglasses |

Photos by Aliee Petrovic

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ELEMIS 3-piece skincare discovery kit

September 4, 2017

After having my third baby I noticed that my skin was in need of some serious attention. It was dry and lack luster and at 35 years old I felt like I actually looked older than 3-5! So lately I’ve been paying closer attention to my skincare regimen. Which for starters means no more nights of skipping washing my face and SPF all day, everyday. And when Elemis and QVC reached out with an offer to sample their Pro-Definition 3 Piece Skincare Discovery Kit it was the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at anti-aging products. I have been compensated by QVC for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own.

Lyndsey Elemis Products - 1

I’m pretty sure my grandmother’s jaw just dropped when I mentioned QVC, she’s a long time super fan! I didn’t realize that QVC wasn’t just for those who order via their tv show. You can also order online! When I browsed the site for the first time I saw a ton of my favorite brands available and lots of great deals at that. I digress…

So I tried the Elemis Pro-Definition 3 Piece Skincare Discovery Kit over the past few weeks and really love how my skin feels and looks. The kit is only $49 and includes a day cream, cleansing oil and night cream. It comes in this fun, contemporary travel bag too. Even if you’re not traveling, every on-the-go mom can use a cool pouch for lipstick and a few essential beauty products, right?!

Lyndsey Elemis Products - 6

The Elemis Pro Definition Day Cream has been a game changer in the morning. I love the smell, it’s very clean and non-perfumey. It’s super hydrating and my CC cream glides over it nicely.

I was a little gunshy about the face oil at first because I’ve never used one before. The Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil is actually applied to dry skin and then you add water and rinse it off. I love how my face feels after using it! I’ve been using the oil at night before the Elemis Pro-Definition Night Cream and am really happy with the results.

Lyndsey Elemis Products - 3

I’m pretty low key on beauty products, so the ELEMIS discovery kit being only 3 pieces was easy to work into my beauty routine. Not to mention the products are so pretty on my vanity and nightstand!

Lyndsey Elemis Products - 7

Here are some of my favorite Elemis skincare products on

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Hurricane Harvey | A city comes together + ways you can give back

September 2, 2017


It’s been pretty overwhelming seeing my city face this disaster that is Hurricane Harvey. Homes are still under water as I write this, but I know in my gut this city will rise up and come out of this even better than pre-Harvey days. I’ve never been prouder to be a Houstonian. Our community has come together to help one another during the aftermath of Harvey in such a big way. My inbox is flooded with group emails and texts-requests for help and then responses just minutes later–“on it, will be there with x or y.”  Neighbors helping neighbors, people getting emails about families they’ve never met before and pooling resources to find a place for them to stay, clothes, toys and shoes for their kids.

Restaurants and food bloggers doing what they do best, cooking for first responders and families who have been displaced. Fashion bloggers doing what they do best, finding clothing, shoes and provisions for the 1,000’s in shelters. I was heartbroken to see a friend at church and learn that her family lost everything. But in spite of her sadness they continued to volunteer to help others going through the same experience as they are.

Police officers and newscasters who have also lost homes have been out there working 20 hours a day to help the relief efforts. And last but certainly not least, the Texan dudes and their bass boats! The only way we could help our friends get their clothes cherished photos, a wedding dress, and keepsake items yesterday was by boat, the water still flooded waist deep. And you wouldn’t believe how many guys, the majority who didn’t even live in a flooded area, were out on boats just trying to help people get back to their homes to asses the damage and grab what they could. It was pretty amazing to see. It’s courageous, it’s emotional and it’s beautiful to see the human spirit rise to such a surmountable challenge that faces our great city.

Houston will need so much more help over the years ahead. My ask from y’all today is to donate to help our city rebuild. If you feel compelled to help, here are 4 places I’ll donate to because I believe in their mission to serve our community.

Houston Flood Relief Fund This fund started by Houston Texan J.J. Watt. If theres one Texan who’s got our backs, it’s this guy.

American Red Cross The Red Cross has turned out in a big way for our city and is a well oiled machine during times of great need. Please continue to support their effort to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Houston Food Bank The Houston Food Bank provides hot meals to the thousands of people displaced and in shelters.

The Diaper Foundation Diapers have been one of the most requested items for the 1,000’s in shelters right now.

As far as what to expect from L. Avenue in the coming weeks, we plan to bring back some normally scheduled blog content starting next week but want y’all to know that we’ll be donating 100% of business profits to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts from not through the end of the year. We’ll also continue to post about ways you can help out!  Thank y’all so much for the outpouring of support you’ve already shown. 




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Hurricane Harvey | help families in need #houstonstrong

August 30, 2017


This scene above is what 30,000+ Houstonians are facing today, with more flooding happening as I write this post. Here is another family who needs our help. Keliy writes,

“Friends and family,

I am Keliy Anderson-Staley, a photographer who has lived in Houston for four years, and I am raising funds for myself, husband and children. These funds will support our immediate needs in the aftermath of the flooding from Hurricane Harvey–clothing, lodging–and some of our longer term needs, especially to replace camera and studio equipment essential to my livelihood. We are asking for this support for use as soon as possible. This money will go directly to us and our needs.”

You can read more about what Keliy’s faced during this horrific flooding event here. I’m so blown away by the responses to stories just like Keliy’s– people from all over the country donating to help Houstonians and they’re making a major impact.

I will continue sharing personal stories like these on L. Avenue so if you know of anyone in need please email me @ 




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Hurricane Harvey | an update and a game plan

August 29, 2017


Hey guys. I just want to continue to thank y’all for the outpouring messages of support you’ve sent me over the past few days. Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate my city so I’ve been pretty entrenched in keeping up with all of my friends around town, packing, evacuating, moving back home (praise God!) and trying to help wherever I can. This is the first major hurricane I’ve experienced and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions; stress, fear, anxiety, and just overall pain for what so many friends and so many more I don’t know are going through right now. I had to take a break from the news and social media for a little big yesterday because simply to lock it up and stay strong and together for my kids. Luckily, they are young enough to think that this is another more than a mere slumber party with their cousins.

We have a lot of friends in west Houston who have lost everything. My good friend (and L. Avenue contributor) Lauren will be awake tonight praying that she returns to a home that isn’t flooded. And for those even less fortunate, their entire homes have water flooded to the roof. So many rescue situations for my families and their young children in the middle of the night (many by boat) just to get to safety. It’s horrifying. I always talk about how the news overdramatizes things, but what you’re seeing on the news outlets is the real deal. I only say this because I’ve seen photos and videos directly from my friends who are out there getting rescued or helping rescue others right now. It’s been amazing to see how this city has come together to help. My hands are pretty tied right now from a “get out there and volunteer” standpoint because I have to take care of my kids, but I frantically rummaged my house for items to donate to the shelters today. The girls were concerned that I took too many pair of their underwear. Ha! Sorry, had to interject something somewhat lighthearted. This post is heavy y’all! If you do live in Houston, please consider donating any extra blankets, socks and baby formula and diapers–thus far, these items are in dire need.

Right now my city is priority #1, but I do still have a job and multiple outstanding contracts for L. Avenue. To be honest I feel ridiculous posting outfits when I know people who currently have no clothes. All I can think about is how I can help the thousands in need right now. I know you would feel the same for your city and community too. It’s the beauty of the human spirit, right?! Our community is suffering, but I’ve never felt closer to my hometown and I can assure you this sentiment is felt around our great city after seeing such major effort to help one another get through this catastrophe.

So I’m turning my job into something that can help others affected by the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. I’m going to continue posting as scheduled and will donate all profits from my business to flood victims going forward. I also want to use this website as a place to share stories of victims and give you all ways to help. There are lots of displaced families looking for places to stay and raising funds to get back on their feet. Please send me these stories if you know of any and I’ll do my best to share with my readers to raise money and awareness!

Also, if you guys feel compelled to donate, please, please take a moment to do so! Every little bit counts. If you’re in Houston you can message me directly to drop off items for the shelters. I’ll be making trips back and forth and am happy to drop things off for you. If you’re not in the area, please donate to Red Cross here or to J.J. Watt’s Houston fund relief fund here.

Please check back in with L. Avenue for ways to donate and help!




above image via Meg Grant

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Hurricane Harvey | hunkering down

August 26, 2017

What a dramatic start to the weekend….I began writing this post at 4 am, just a few hours after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in South Texas. Major storms outside my window and anxieties over what was going to happen to Houston. We watched this storm chaser’s live feed and I’m sick about how devastating it’s impact was to Rockport and surrounding locations. This is biggest storm (by wind) to hit Texas since 1961 and the strongest in the U.S. (by wind) since Hurricane Charley hit in Southwest Florida in 2004. Pretty tough stuff.

We contemplated evacuating, but decided to hunker down for now. Those of y’all who haven’t grown up around hurricanes (myself included) are probably thinking we are insane and I go back and forth on whether or not I agree with you. Ha! At this point I’m praying that we just get a lot of rain and are spared any major flooding and power outages. Stuck indoors with all of the Double Stuffed Oreos, emoji Uno and red wine and queso until this storm subsides. It will certainly be interesting over these next 4 days….


Hopefully, I’ll have some time (power permitting) to catch up on some blogging. And also packing for my next trip out of Dodge. Fingers crossed the weather is over by next week so I can slip over to Charleston for a quick weekend to celebrate my friend’s 40th birthday. I’m definitely packing this this Ulla Johnson skirt and one shoulder top. I absolutely love this fall floral print and plan to wear this matching top and skirt both together and separately; the top with flare pants and these heels for dinner at F.I.G. and the skirt with a tee and flats during Saturday strolls over to brunch and Hamden Clothing. I’m seeing lots of one shoulder tops this fall and think it’s Check out Ulla Johnson’s collection here with the most recent fall designs and an array of black slides. This gorgeous Ulla Johnson pattern also comes in a dress and long sleeve blouse.


Have ave you seen Cult Gaia‘s latest collection? It’s pretty fantastic and a great way to pop even the most basic outfit with some fun color.


Outfit details | Ulla Johnson skirt | Ulla Johnson top different style here and similar here | Valentino slides on sale here and newer style | Cult Gaia bag in red here | sunglasses

Photos by Arna Bajraktarevic

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Friday Five | The Name Game

August 25, 2017

56d88a841072e6368cfa8c1ac81b935fStorms are brewing where we are, so it’s shaping up to be an indoor weekend for most of us. I’m not complaining so long as I have WiFi, AC and electricity, so I can curl up and entertain myself with reads like these:



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Cinq a Sept dress

August 23, 2017

View More:

Hey guys! Are y’all back to school yet? My oldest started kindergarten this week so it’s been a BIG one to say the least. Not to mention adjusting to our new life of early rising to make it to school in time. Mornings have been a challenge for me lately. I’ve gotten into a bad (GOOD!) habit this summer where I feed Jack in bed and place perfectly rationed baggies of cereal and bowls on the table for the girls to have an appetizer while I ease into the morning in bed. Parent of the year over here! Seriously though, it’s been so nice to wake up slowly with my kids this past summer and the new deal entails flinging out of bed an hour earlier than we’re used to and then frantically getting kids dressed and myself dressed and out the door. I haven’t figured out how to factor in time for food or coffee yet, so if y’all have any tips or tricks to zen mornings I’m all ears!

Today’s outfit has absolutely nothing to this morning routine blog post intro so I’ll just throw myself into talking about it now. K? I stumbled across this dress online and thought the bow tie straps could be a bit off. Then, I tried it on and it was such a good fit and really pretty on in my opinion. I really love this dress for fall parties and holidays. The floral print has a little green so it’s a great Christmas without being cheesy Christmas look. Am I really talking Christmas already?!

Is anybody stressed by this blog post? I mean schedules, Christmas attire, I think I should quite while I’m ahead. But trust me, buy this dress!

View More: More: More: More:

Outfit details | Cinq a Sept dress | Vince Camuto heels | M2M bag | Oscar de la Renta earrings other black statement here, here and here | Dior sunglasses |

Photos by Traci Ling

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tied up.

August 21, 2017


How was your weekend? A good friend came in town from DC and we spent some time at Nordstrom shopping for fall staples and events, including some outfit for an upcoming trip to New York for fashion week. This classic white button down with a little twist will be super fun to style for all of the above. I tried it on with some really cute skirts and also love it layered underneath a blazer with denim.

I dressed it up in today’s outfit, with two insanely awesome Stella McCartney pieces, a vegan leather skinny pant and an iconic chain crossbody bag. This white bag is season-less! I love it for now and will also rock it during the holidays and in winter months too. It’s hands down the coolest bag I’ve come across for fall so far.

What are you shopping for this fall? Here are some of our favorites from Nordstrom.

bow tie tops |

faux leather leggings |

white handbags |


Outfit details | Dolce and Gabanna top | Stella McCartney faux leather leggings | Valentino heels | Stella McCartney bag | Dior sunglasses

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Nordstrom. Thank you for supporting the brands that make L. Avenue possible.

Photos by Ailee Petrovic

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Friday Five | Animated Movies + Grilled Avocado

August 18, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.00.03 AM

Happy weekend! I’m sending one of my best friends off to New York (bittersweet) and having my first dress try-on. Wish me luck, and enjoy these five links I found from around the web this week: