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Friday Five | Pareos & Wine Tasting

March 9, 2018

dining-room-1520461323Today marks three months from our wedding, and I can barely wait. I know the time will whiz by, so I am making the most of  this very exciting season. Sometimes, all that means is staying in town and spending quality time with friends and family before the big celebrations get started, and that’s what we have in store this weekend. Enjoy today’s links!

  • A home the fuels the creative spirits of its inhabitants.
  • The case for wine tasting.
  • These pareos, in the prettiest block print patters, are the perfect packing item for a beach vacation.
  • An under $100 bag in my favorite periwinkle blue.
  • The key to keeping your cookies soft in the center.

Have a great one!

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Carpool beauty routine | 5 step, 5 minute make-up

March 7, 2018


I’ve been asked a lot about my morning routine, and let me tell you with 3 kids under 5 it revolves around getting 2 out the door to 2 different schools before 8:15 am. Because I’m not a morning person I take in every last ounce of sleep and give myself no more than 5 minutes in the morning which involves splashing water on my face, a quick swoosh of moisturizer and Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 and I’m out the door. I dedicate two morning carpool lines for make-up and have edited that process down to 5 products! I find that the days where I make time for a quick beauty fix I’m more confident and thus happier, so really try to put my best foot forward as efficiently as possible!

So here’s the drill…..

Step 1: I apply Guerlain Terracotta bronzer to cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin. I have no idea what the rules of bronzer are but I feel like it does the trick.

Step 2: I use Bobbi Brown blush in shade nectar to give a little rosiness to my cheeks. Even with a quick makeup routine I think blush is so worth it because it brightens your whole face and makes you look more awake. And with a teething baby, I’ll take all of the help I can get in the “look like you are rested” department.

Step 3: I think everyone can agree mascara is actually a game changer when it comes to looking dead or alive in the morning so that is my irreplaceable 4th step. For years I have used Le Volume de Chanel in 10 Noir and I think it’s safe to say it is my Holy Grail product.

Step 4: Moving on to lips! I use Tom Ford’s Paper Doll lipstick which is my favorite but also a splurge, so for anyone who isn’t wanting to spend a pretty penny on lipstick I’ve heard NYX Couture is a great dupe!

Step 5: Last, but definitely not least I seal everything in with my Supergoop! 100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder. This is a dream for someone like me who does their makeup on the go because it’s a powder, but it applies mess free since the product comes out of the attached brush. I love how well it sets my carpool make-up in place, but also provides the benefit of an SPF 45. It comes in 4 shades, is mineral based which is awesome for my sensitive skin. I also reapply this product throughout the day for continued SPF coverage! As Baz Lurman says, Wear Sunscreen!

p.s. some more favorite Supergoop! skincare products…





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Friday Five | Acts of Kindness

February 16, 2018

tumblr_n0w9wgS5vs1s8u29to1_1280How are we already halfway through February? I’m grabbing sushi with girlfriends tonight and devoting tomorrow to honeymoon planning! Any recommendations for Italy and the coast of France are very welcome. Here are five reads for your weekend:



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New Year, New Closet | Calm Living

February 2, 2018

One of my new year’s resolutions hits close to home at L. Avenue–keeping an organized closet! Ashley, the founder of Calm Living, and I met up for coffee talk about some of my organization challenges, let’s just say I’m pretty challenged in the “staying organized” department across all aspects of my life. After seeing my closet in person she had lots of great ideas and a detailed plan for how to implement changes to the overall setup in my closet in order to see clothing better and keep things tidy and in their proper place. I love that Ashley also takes it a step further with a detailed game plan for how to stay on track going forward. That’s truly the biggest challenge. Anybody can come in and make your closet look tidy. It’s ditching bad habits (aka clothes pile-ups on chairs, dressers etc) and effectively managing ongoing closet organization. Ashley is passionate about her work because she truly believes that an organized life is a happy life. I couldn’t agree more!






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Friday Five | For A Rainy Day

January 19, 2018

My sister is in town from Boston, so they’re hosting a ‘bachelorette-lite’ in my honor, and I’m honestly just excited for any excuse to get us all together for a night on the town. They all got married before me, so I can’t wait to heed their advice but more importantly, have fun. As always, five of my favorite finds from the web:

‘Til next Friday!


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2018…..the year of less productivity.

January 9, 2018

Four Seasons Lyndsey -21-2

Happy new year guys! I realize we’re already a week into 2018, but my laptop crashed and I’ve been in computer purgatory so far this year. Gosh, that first sentence to my first blog post of 2018 wasn’t as upbeat as I’d intended! I’m genuinely excited for 2018 for a lot of reasons. So I had a minor breakdown in December–the entire family sick with multiple ailments (flu, bronchitis, ear infection, pink eye, and strep to name a few!) I was rundown and sick yet again, work was at an all time level of busy and it was Christmas which is always hustle & bustle. I’ve been burnt out before but this point I just felt even more so, completely fried. I’m sure you’ve all been here at some point too!

I promise this post is only going up from this point on, keep reading, it gets better! Sometimes the low points are actually good. I’d reached my low–crying on and off all day, questioning what I was doing with my life, why I was failing in all capacities, etc (I know, this is a bit dramatic, which I blame total exhaustion for the heightened drama) But then I had a moment of clarity. It was finally time to slow down. My mom has been preaching this to me my entire life and now she’s nudging me from heaven–“Lyndsey, sloooooow down! Take care of yourself!” Last year, adding the third kid to the mix and a full time job (yep, this gig is every bit of 40 hours a week) meant less time for exercise, self maintenance, and just chilling out and watching Netflix without my laptop in my bed. Every single hour of my day was scheduled last year–kids and shooting during the day and then laptop all night long after the kids were down. I know other moms out there feel my pain, when you’ve got a bunch of young children, you really don’t sit down ever. But not only was I not sitting down, I wasn’t making time for meals, exercise or any other self maintenance items. So 2018 is THE year. I read this article, Let’s Bury the Hustle, that my best friend sent me the day of the breakdown (I’m so dramatic!) and it resonated with me for a million reasons. But the one piece that has stuck with me the most is this, ”

“And for God’s sake, relax. Pumping your mind full of anxiety about whether you’re getting enough, doing enough, chasing enough is no way to live. Background stress like that is literally lethal.

Put in a good day’s work, then close the damn laptop. Waste some time on the rest of the human experience.”

So guys I may not have as many 2018 posts as the rest of my blogger pals, I may turn down contracts that are lucrative but too time consuming or just not truly a fit for my brand and I can promise you I won’t have as many good hair days in 2018 (ha!). But I will be exercising, spending more uninterrupted/cell phone free time with my kids and most importantly putting my laptop down and calling it a day earlier to cuddle up and watch Netflix! And hopefully this will drive more health, creative energy and make my overall happiness and success of L. Avenue even better than ever! Now that’s a juxtaposition I can get behind.  Here’s to a less-productive 2018 y’all!

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Friday Five | Best Selves

January 5, 2018

Hello! It’s been awhile. Just as I am trying to savor this season of being engaged, I try to treasure all the different seasons of the year for what they are. January–as we all know–is one to reflect and resolve. If you have yet to set any intentions for 2018, here are a few ideas with instructions on how to execute.

Here’s to being our best selves for the next 350ish days.

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easy holiday appetizer + cocktails

December 18, 2017

Ariel Barcart

In case you’re hosting this holiday, we’ve teamed up with the fabulous Marcia, of Smart in the Kitchen, to bring y’all some easy, deicious appetizers and cocktails! When I think of the holidays I think bubbly so a festive champagne cocktail is right up my alley. We made this prosecco pomegranate spritz recipe for a dinner party the other night and it was a hit! I’m hosting an ornament party later this week and think I’ll try the pomegranate and cranberry sangria recipe, which is a great recipe for a larger crowd.

Baked brie is also one of my go-to’s for Christmas and Marcia’s version is my favorite yet. The Meyer lemon cranberry sauce is to die for! I love having something sweet to set out for guests (or me!) and this Peppermint bark is a simple sweet treat. It’s been tempting me this entire holiday season. I have some family members who are gluten free so I’m going to make this GF apple crisp recipe for Christmas dinner. Now I think I’ll go have a snack because just writing this post is making me hungry. Cheers to you and yours!!

Brie Alt Angle

When the team at Dazzling Decor asked us to style one of their bar carts, it was a no brainer for today’s holiday entertaining post. I love the mix of gold, glass and luxe green marble on this gorgeous piece. I’ve always wanted one for my home, but never found the perfect spot for one. I love how today’s bar cart turned out, it’s functional as a spot for cocktails and appetizers and looks so festive and chic!

Lyndsey with cocktail

Peppermint Bark Cropped

Marcia + brie

Details| bar cart, gold rocks glasses, coasters, candle and serving trays are all courtesy of Dazzling Decor in Houston. Be sure to follow this fabulous spot for all things interiors on Instagram!

My dress is by Saloni, Marcia’s necklace is Ranjana Khan, both carried at Tootsies.

photography by Kerry Kirk