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Friday Five | For A Rainy Day

January 19, 2018

My sister is in town from Boston, so they’re hosting a ‘bachelorette-lite’ in my honor, and I’m honestly just excited for any excuse to get us all together for a night on the town. They all got married before me, so I can’t wait to heed their advice but more importantly, have fun. As always, five of my favorite finds from the web:

‘Til next Friday!


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ELEMIS 3-piece skincare discovery kit

September 4, 2017
Lyndsey Elemis Products - 3
Lyndsey Elemis Products - 3

After having my third baby I noticed that my skin was in need of some serious attention. It was dry and lack luster and at 35 years old I felt like I actually looked older than 3-5! So lately I’ve been paying closer attention to my skincare regimen. Which for starters means no more nights of skipping washing my face and SPF all day, everyday. And when Elemis and QVC reached out with an offer to sample their Pro-Definition 3 Piece Skincare Discovery Kit it was the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at anti-aging products. I have been compensated by QVC for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own.

Lyndsey Elemis Products - 1

I’m pretty sure my grandmother’s jaw just dropped when I mentioned QVC, she’s a long time super fan! I didn’t realize that QVC wasn’t just for those who order via their tv show. You can also order online! When I browsed the site for the first time I saw a ton of my favorite brands available and lots of great deals at that. I digress…

So I tried the Elemis Pro-Definition 3 Piece Skincare Discovery Kit over the past few weeks and really love how my skin feels and looks. The kit is only $49 and includes a day cream, cleansing oil and night cream. It comes in this fun, contemporary travel bag too. Even if you’re not traveling, every on-the-go mom can use a cool pouch for lipstick and a few essential beauty products, right?!

Lyndsey Elemis Products - 6

The Elemis Pro Definition Day Cream has been a game changer in the morning. I love the smell, it’s very clean and non-perfumey. It’s super hydrating and my CC cream glides over it nicely.

I was a little gunshy about the face oil at first because I’ve never used one before. The Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil is actually applied to dry skin and then you add water and rinse it off. I love how my face feels after using it! I’ve been using the oil at night before the Elemis Pro-Definition Night Cream and am really happy with the results.

Lyndsey Elemis Products - 3

I’m pretty low key on beauty products, so the ELEMIS discovery kit being only 3 pieces was easy to work into my beauty routine. Not to mention the products are so pretty on my vanity and nightstand!

Lyndsey Elemis Products - 7

Here are some of my favorite Elemis skincare products on

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Friday Five | Iced Coffee Cravings

June 9, 2017

I’m in California again–this time, for work–and I’m so glad to be back. LZ’s snaps from Santa Barbara gave me the beach blues. Per usual, the links are not unrelated to what’s been on my mind this week–cooling down with iced coffee, coastal travels and being with girlfriends. Enjoy!

Which coffee camp are you in – can’t live with or without it? Goop gives us the real scoop on whether the bean is good for us.

I kept these packing tips in mind so not to stuff my whole closet into my carry-on.

If I have it my way, my honeymoon will be in Australia. If and when that happens, these Melbourne cafés will be on the tip top of my dining list.

A list to please all price points for those seeking beauty products their skin will feel comfortable in.

Do you “trouble talk” with your bestie? That, among other things, makes a close friend.

Have a happy weekend! 

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Friday Five | Wedding Bells

March 24, 2017



image via weheartit

In my world, wedding season seems to be year-round. Still, with back-to-back weddings coming up, they’re more on my mind than ever. This Friday, I’ve rounded up five links on one of my favorite festivities:

These iconic dresses still influence those of today. Whose your favorite?

Laura Mercier’s caviar stick is perfect to tuck into your clutch for a reception make-up touch up. But it now; the best colors sell out fast.

Go through this gallery for the most fabulous floral decor.

What’s trending for 21st century nuptials: geotags and charging stations.

And en vogue for a departure from gowns for black tie: jumpsuits.

Spring has sprung!

PS – Elaine Turner is exclusively sharing her Friends & Family sale code with L. Avenue readers. Use ‘FAMILY’ at check-out for 25% off 😉

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Friday Five | Word Resolutions

January 6, 2017


In reflecting on 2016 and resolving for 2017, I decided to come up with three words that defined the past year and three I wanted to shape this one. So, today’s Friday Five features articles to inspire my efforts toward those: better care, vaster knowledge and greater commitment in 2017.

Care :: I’m on board for the January Whole 30 alongside my co-worker and blogging bestie. I hope I’m like Amanda from this article, and I learn a lot about myself by day 30.

Knowledge :: I’m digging deep into my make-up bag, removing the trash and adding treasures. First things first: this magical, mineral primer. I’ll be focusing on one product a month; I’d love to know your favorite finds.

Pardon My French is my new favorite podcast, and this episode, where my favorite Frenchie, Garance Doré, interviews Aussie Elle McPherson is the latest and greatest. lesson from Elle on embracing beauty from the inside out:

When a woman smiles, she’s more beautiful and that comes from the inside. When her skin is good, because she’s eating well, that comes from the inside and it shows. When you’re a person who is happy in your life and motivated and inspired, it really shows on the outside. You can put as much creme on as you want, but if you’re miserable, it’s not going to make you beautiful!

With switching jobs and moving out last year, it was hard to break down my budget. In a more stable place now, I’m breaking down my budget and turning to guides like this one.

Commitment :: There’s overlap here, of course. Ultimately, my commitment to these habits daily, weekly or whatever it may be will have me looking back this December feeling as though these words did define 2017. Here are some good habits we all could have.

If you could define this year in three words, what would they be?

Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary

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Friday Five | Beautiful Things

September 23, 2016

As promised, I’m delivering full-on beauty coverage for today’s Friday Five. Before I begin, I’ll leave an editor’s note that I am by no means an expert. In fact, I’d say I’m quite an amateur using the Internet to my advantage to learn a thing or two…and share with all of you!

A product I love :: I got this fancy, French water for Christmas last year in a mail gift exchange. It’s pretty packaging had me swooning, but then I sprayed it and found the magic was all inside. I use it in the morning to make my face slightly dewy before applying my make-up and in the evening after a work-out.

A product I’d like to love :: One of my recurring woes is not buying the products–that’s the easy part! It’s the actual application. So, I was pleased to find these are a thing: skin care sticks. Like spray-on sunscreen, it’s simpler and more likely to supply even coverage. I really like this rosy guy.

A switch-up in your routine :: Save yourself a CVS trip to replenish your shampoo supply. Cue conditioner-only power showers after the gym.

A product I’m over :: I’ve pretty much had it with my Venus razors. They cost and cut way too much. So, I’ll be taking a tip from the boys and Camille Styles team and grabbing a guy’s razor my next go-around. It’ll be the signature boys’ blade, the Gillette Mach3, which issupposedly sturdier, sharper and leave your legs silkier.

What I’m still learning :: A lot! Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere opened my eyes to this magic elixir, so I was so happy to read the beauty mistakes she made in her 20s. I’m figuring out the brow thing, need to let lipsticks into my life, and properly blend foundation into my neck.

The amount of product out there is overwhelming, and I think the overall mantra when it comes to make-up and beauty really is less is more. Most guys would agree. So, enjoy the process and learn as you go. Baby steps on the beauty front, mes cheries!

Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary 

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My daily skin routine | Juice Beauty

September 12, 2016


I recently wrote one of the first beauty specific posts for L. Avenue and received a lot of great feedback. The post focused on highlighting a line I discovered and have been loyal to during my pregnancy, Juice Beauty. Read more about Juice Beauty’s all natural, organic skincare and make-up line here. After posting, I received a lot of questions about my daily beauty and skincare regimen. It’s great to educate ourselves with product reviews, but to me there’s so much more utility if you get to see exactly how each products plays a role into an ongoing routine. I know I’ve been victim to the “see it, sounds good, buy it” mantra with make-up and skincare. And then I get home and can’t remember when or how to apply the product and then shortly thereafter it ends up on the island of misfit (aka unused) beauty products. So here goes nothing. Hopefully, if y’all know exactly what products I use and when it will help you make decisions about which products to incorporate into your daily routine.

Continue Reading…

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Friday Five | Feel, Look & Be Good

August 5, 2016


The buzz in the blog world seems to be all about balance. Work and play. Drink your coffee and cocktails, but drink plenty of water, too. Spend time with those you love; spend quality time with yourself. So, I approach this week’s edition of the Friday Five with an attempt to provide you equal measures of advice on everything from beauty to fashion, food and fitness.

Looking forward to a fall full of casual football games and formal weddings. And I want this sale LBD for the latter. Check out all of L. Avenue’s Shopbop summer sale picks here.

The Olympics draw attention from around the world, sports lovers and non alike. See a stunning list of statistics.

Speaking of sports, tennis is my current game and fly fishing is up next after flipping through William’s photos from Alaska. When I read this (and saw these photos) from the Fresh Exchange on Monday, I was sold:

 I’ve always thought fly fishing was both beautiful in form and peaceful in method. On a great day you can bring home a fresh trout, on the worst days you bring nothing home but got to spend the day on a peaceful river. Not bad right?

I just ran out of tinted moisturizer and was so bummed I restocked before Lyndsey posted about Juice Beauty Products. I would have gotten this, but I think I’ll spring for this instead.

I loved this article’s real definition of health; hint: it’s “so not a sphere of kale and sweat.”

May you have a well-balanced weekend!

Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary 

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my organic beauty regimen | Juice Beauty

August 3, 2016
Goop Juice Beauty - 12
Goop Juice Beauty - 12

Goop Juice Beauty - 5

If you regularly subscribe to L. Avenue posts you’ll know I don’t delve into a lot of beauty coverage on this blog. It’s not that I don’t have stock in caring for my skin, especially after hitting the big 3-0 and inching ever so close to 3-5. For starters, I’m far from a skin expert. Sadly, at the end of long days I am lucky to use a face wipe let alone a multi-step skincare routine. I’m also what you might call a serial dater when it comes to beauty products. I’ll invest in whatever I read in mags or other blogs and use that product until it’s finished and then bounce to the next “it” product or whatever the salesperson is excited about at the beauty counter. So I really haven’t had a consistent beauty regimen before. Although finding that solid regimen is always on my to do list in the back of my mind.

So, I pretty much found one overnight. Organically. And the products are organic too, ironically. First, a quick back story. I was gearing up for the annual Reward Style (my biggest ad affiliate in case you aren’t familiar) conference in Dallas. It’s March aka the time for pale, pasty winter skin. But it’s warm in Dallas and it’s dress attire for the afternoon and evening event festivities. I’m also newly pregnant so spray tan is out. I ran to Neiman’s to pick up a self tanner, the perfect last minute quick fix. When I started applying this lotion based tanner, I almost choked over the pungent smell of it. Not to mention it’s coming out of the bottle in the most unnatural looking dark brown color. At this point there’s no turning back so I finish applying. What on earth is in this stuff, I ask myself aloud. No ingredient breakdown on the bottle. After finding the ingredient list, I see that it’s a mile long. And it appears to be written in a foreign language. And the ingredients that I do recognize, don’t seem like the would belong in something I’m rubbing into my skin; xanthan gum, castor oil, benzyl alcohol, caramel perfum. At that point, I had this epiphany. Why am I not more focused on what my skin is absorbing, especially during pregnancy?!

The next day, I check out my conference meeting line-up and lo and behold one of my meetings is with a skincare and make-up line, Juice Beauty. When we sat down the Juice Beauty team asked me about my regimen and I told them the story about the self tanner wake-up call. It turns out that meeting held the solution for my skin conundrum. A California based company that’s been making beauty products with organic ingredients for more than a decade. Juice Beauty’s chemists start with an organic botanical juice base (aloe, jojoba, grape seed, shea, infused with citrus juices) and add powerful age defying or blemish clearing ingredients to deliver highly effective, clinically validated results.

I’ve been using the products exclusively since March and am beyond pleased with the results. Especially, given the tendency for my skin to break out during pregnancy. Break outs have been minimal and my skin feels softer, tighter and more radiant than it ever has. The products smell like fruit, but not in an overpowering way. And more than anything, I’m no longer stressing that my skin is absorbing harsh chemicals

When I’ve only got a few minutes to get ready every day, these are the 3 make-up products I can’t live without; foundation + mascara + lip color.

The flawless serum foundation is one of my favorite make-up products. It has a built in serum which saves me a step in the morning and the coverage smooths out my skin covering otherwise noticeable blemishes and sunspots. I’m pretty low-key on make-up during the summer and have typically been prone to lip gloss over a stick. However, the satin lip cream has been life changing. It kept my lips hydrated during our time in the dry Colorado air and my lips are softer than they’ve ever been. I’ve also switched over to Juice Beauty’s ultra-natural mascara because it provides both length and volume without clumping or smudging during hot summer days.

And if hearing from me isn’t validation enough, Gwyneth Paltrow recently joined forces with the Juice Beauty in a long term venture. She not only put her stamp of approval on the results from this organic, yet powerful skincare and make-up, but took things a step further and is playing an integral role in developing and expanding Juice Beauty’s product line . Read more about her role as Juice Beauty’s creative director of make-up here.

Goop Juice Beauty - 22 Goop Juice Beauty - 19 Goop Juice Beauty - 25 Goop Juice Beauty - 12 Goop Juice Beauty - 10 Goop Juice Beauty - 8 Goop Juice Beauty - 5

And the greatest news is that Juice Beauty products won’t break the bank {prices range from $10-$75}. You can shop my favorite make-up and skincare picks here

photos by Mari Rice

*This post was brought to you in collaboration with Juice Beauty. All opinions are 100% my own based upon my personal experience with this brand. Thank you for supporting the brands and businesses that make L. Avenue possible.